Dr Jocelyn Lowinger

Dr Jocelyn Lowinger has been a doctor for close to 25 years and is a mother of 4 (currently aged 22, 20, 18 and 14). After tours through general practice, public health and medical writing she has finally found her passion and now focuses on coaching doctors in proactive career development. This includes helping doctors build leadership skills, develop confidence, manage stress and burnout, find a career pathway that fits with work and life goals (including exploring non-traditional work options), as well as helping them engage in proactive promotion of wellbeing in themselves and the people they work with. 

She works with doctors from a broad range of medical backgrounds including GPs and other specialists, doctors in training, non-clinical doctors and doctors working in primary and secondary care across metropolitan and rural settings. Not one to do things by half, Jocelyn is now almost finished her Masters of Science in Coaching Psychology (her second coaching degree) and the coaching approaches Jocelyn uses are informed by the best available evidence and are grounded in psychological theories of human behaviour, motivation and adult development. 

Aside from work, study and family Jocelyn spends too much time on Facebook and is an expert delegator of housework and cooking.