Dr Melanie Tan

Melanie is a qualified lawyer and medical practitioner based in Melbourne. She graduated from Melbourne University (MBBS) and completed her internship before relocating to the UK, where she read law at Cambridge University and subsequently qualified as a solicitor in London. 

Melanie has worked as a medical negligence solicitor (defence), medical indemnity claims manager, medicolegal adviser with medical defence organisations and more recently as a media presenter (you may have seen her face in your doctor’s surgery!).  Over this period she has maintained her clinical practice, working as a locum doctor in emergency departments. As an Australian Postgraduate Scholarship holder, Melanie is currently writing a PhD thesis in law examining concepts of risk at its interface with medicine in the area of medical negligence. 

Melanie is now a Lawyer and Medicolegal Consultant with Rankin & Co. [Business Lawyers], offering general medicolegal advice and supporting the wide range of legal services provided by the firm.  In her own time, Melanie is a freelance educator and writer.