Dr Yvonne Ho

Yvonne is an inspirational speaker, businesswoman, educator, musician, medical specialist and more. She is the first woman in the state of Victoria and first Australian woman of Asian heritage to be dually qualified as a radiologist and nuclear medicine specialist (both male-dominated medical specialties), first woman radiologist to be Director of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists (RANZCR) and first Malaysian-born woman to be award Member(AM) in the General Division of the Order of Australia. In her medical specialties, she diagnoses and treats diseases via cutting-edge, non-invasive imaging techniques. She subspecialises in musculoskeletal imaging, with research expertise in imaging cartilage post novel transplantation techniques. She is also the Director of Emmanuel Healthcare. She has contributed to medical imaging availability internationally by co-pioneering Fellowship of RANZCR radiodiagnosis training to Asia. She was also pivotal in introducing PET-CT imaging to Singapore. Yvonne is unique because she has an established parallel career in music. She obtained her music qualifications as a teenager, and established Charteris Music School that innovates music education, with high quality fun learning. Her numerous awards include Order of Australia (2015), Australia Awards (2014) and Victorian Honour Roll of Women (2013). She is also an Australia Day Ambassador for the Victorian Government. She serves on various Boards and Councils of Australian organisations, and is co-founder of an international marketing firm. Some of Yvonne’s passions are (1) to inspire our next generation, particularly women and minority groups, to equal workforce participation and to top leadership roles and (2) to encourage lifelong community engagement of people of the Third-Age. She speaks publicly at wide-ranging events, gives media presentations and publishes on various topics.