Dr Jacqui Gore

Jacqui is a Consultant Psychiatrist and Senior Lecturer practicing and consulting across the public and private sectors.  Jacqui has established a telehealth service collaborating with General Practice partners and Psychiatrists, bridging the gap in health care for rural patients.  She has a strong drive to teach, supervise and support medical colleagues in making their unique contributions to our profession and our world. 

Jacqui is the Director of Medtogether, a medical service created by doctors, for doctors, providing independent professional supervision across specialties.   This is a valued requirement of professional development across many of the health disciplines and our vision is to see all doctors  incorporate this into their own practice.   Professional supervision allows us to take the time to look at the difficult and complex issues we all come across in our medical careers.   It overlaps and has shared underpinning with the recent concept and brand of “corporate coaching”. 

In her spare time Jacqui loves to attend as many conferences, meetings and peer groups as possible, travelling and being a mum and everything that entails