Jana Pittman

My name is Jana, I am an athlete, mum, author, speaker and soon to be doctor. Whilst the majority of my career was spent racing around the world and jumping over hurdles there is so much more to my story.

I loved running for my Australia. It’s hard to beat putting on the ‘green and gold’ and hearing your name announced in a stadium full of screaming supporters. Let alone if you are victorious and our Aussie anthem booms through the stadium as you are presented with your gold medal. I got to hear that beautiful song played nine times in my career at various World and Commonwealth Championships.

But there is so much more to life than sport. Whilst it was my identity, my true passion lies elsewhere. Motherhood and medicine. After the birth of my son I sadly divorced but the desire for babies still called and I took the leap to have two more children as single mother. My true career love is medicine and I am so grateful to have this incredible career to fall back on as many elite athletes struggle with retirement.

I have failed more than I have succeed and cried oceans of tears over fallen dreams but I have realised how much more rewarding life is if you go down fighting. I share my journey warts and all in my autobiography ‘Just another Hurdle’ and with you here at this conference. I want to talk defeat, triumph, challenges and possibilities and how we can get the best out of what we have.