Dr Mark Nethercote

Mark is a practising paediatrician, working with children of all ages. He has tremendous compassion for the parenting journey, from pre-conception through childhood. Mark is also a passionate and humorous writer, with an extensive range of genres, from fiction, to travel writing, to personal experience, to health information. He released a book, ‘A Time for Grace’ in 2017, based on his and his wife’s experience of IVF, in conceiving their first child.

Mark graduated Medicine at Monash University in 1998. He trained in paediatrics, and returned to his home town of Ballarat in 2011, with his wife and two daughters. He is currently working at Ballarat Health Services, St John of God Hospital, Ballarat Paediatric Clinic in Howitt Street, and as a lecturer for both Deakin and Melbourne University Students.

During his training, Mark spent time as the gastroenterology fellow at Royal Children’s Hospital, completing his college project on the RCH experience of eosinophilic esophagitis over ten years – a paper that was recently published in the Journal of Food Allergy. 

He has a particular interest in encopresis, incontinence, allergy, and educating and empowering parents in regards to their children’s health.

Outside of medicine and writing, Mark likes to run around the lake at an ever-decreasing pace, and has two adorable, precocious young daughters, who compete daily for rights to which has him wrapped around her little finger most tightly.